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Breaking News - Explosion in Manhattan

One of my esteemed contacts in NYC just phoned in with some breaking news.
There was an explosion just a few minutes ago in New York City. Manhole covers flew up 4 stories in the air. Pavement and bricks cracked. The area reeks of fecal material.
Currently, there is no word as to the cause [...]

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Well Styled

Another link in my ever-growing list of web design resources. A bit overly dogmatic for my taste, but nonetheless full of great tricks, tips, tools and tutorials. Overall, the work of a talented coder and gifted visual artist.
Petr Stan?ček’s English is delightfully foriegn. Impeccably grammatically correct, and yet, the vocabulary and phrasing [...]

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Isaac’s XFN Profile

I’ve been bit by the rel bug, and you may notice that there is now a lovely semantic and descriptive relation attribute on almost all of the links at my site.
I’ll probably write a bit more about the hack that I used to do this in b2evolution. With a single xfn() function, a tiny [...]

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