Michelle Malkin

She’s got a good head on her shoulders, this one. Michelle Malkin’s blog is kinda like a cross between messageboard flamewar and a newspaper. Thankfully, unlike many of the others that jump into the blogiverse bickering, Malkin has a good head on her shoulders, and sticks to facts. Even if you disagree with what she’s saying, her methods are spectacular. Reading Malkin’s articles, you can’t help but get drawn into the utterly fantastic and disgusting underbelly of liberal media, all the while accompanied by a wonderfully well-reasoned and rational guide.

One thing that I learned: arguing with a liberal in private is pointless. You won’t be able to stay on topic, because if they stick to a topic until it’s finished, then the point will be lost. They will fight tooth and nail to get off track. When all else is lost, they’ll make it personal. Arguing badly with liberals in public is even worse - it makes them look good. Arguing well with them in public is only slightly less onerous - it makes them seem reputable. But making them look like clowns by pointing out facts, now that is a much-needed public service.

Malkin takes and dishes out like a champ, always more rational, informed, eloquent and professional than her detractors. It is a mark of her excellent punditry that the left’s most substantive response is to point to her googly eyes.

At various times, I’ve heard liberals accost me with some rather insulting lines regarding my capitalist and atheist ideas. The worst is what I’ve taken to calling the “phase defense.” Just take whatever someone says, and tell them that it’s something that they’ll get over/grow out of. Cults get a lot of converts this way, and it works well on Christians, unpopular wannabe-popular high-school girls, and other weak-minded pseudo-people. The trick is to pick some trait that your target lacks, and you have and once lacked, and which your target might someday gain. The best is age, if you’re older. Then, draw a parallel between your former pathetic-assed self, and the target, and show how your change is indicative of their future change. See how crazy that is? That’s what I thought when I was (your age|childless|grandchildless|single|married). That’ll change when you’re (older|a parent|a grandparent|maried|divorced). I’ve heard this kind of line my whole life, and I don’t think it ever convinced me of anything.

But then again, that’s not really the point of a phase defense, is it?

Wow, this post turned into a full-on ramble. Don’t be surprised if these later bits make it into a post of their own. They don’t really have anything at all to do with Ms. Malkin.

While we’re on the topic of tangents, I thought I should point out that a liberal who thinks through politics and ethics rationally will eventually get over his affliction. There was a time when I thought that having a government that pays for everything would be pretty cool. In my defense, that was before I had a job or paid for stuff, and learned how all that stuff works. Of course, youth can be an excuse for only so long.

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