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Position is Everything

I just stumbled upon Holly and Big Johns’ “Clearing”, 21st Century Style.
A very handy technique, and a great CSS site overall.

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More b2evo Hacking

This post refers to a particular skin that isn’t the default any longer.
I did some rethinking of the scripty madness happening here at Schlueterica.
Toned some stuff down, spruced some stuff up, and made some new plans to make this website even more geekerific.
In this episode:

Toning it down
Sprucing it up
Extending and Adding (scripts and rels and [...]

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Michelle Malkin

She’s got a good head on her shoulders, this one. Michelle Malkin’s blog is kinda like a cross between messageboard flamewar and a newspaper. Thankfully, unlike many of the others that jump into the blogiverse bickering, Malkin has a good head on her shoulders, and sticks to facts. Even if you disagree [...]

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