Time for another Stat Check

Yep. It’s that time again. Time to take a look at all the funky stuff that people search for when they get to my site.

First, of course, the searches. Always the most interesting part of stats.

meet at friendlymatch
A word for bloggers out there: complaining about spammers does wonders for search hits.
Where can I find Strongbad?
Try emailing him and asking.
the angry rationalist
Aww… Ya got me. Not sure if I should be worried that I show up first for this one.
Tons of searches for xiao xiao
This one comes in waves every once in a while. I do so love the stick kung fu.
Why yes, I do. Hm, someone from Denmark. Velkommen.
Client-side scripting in PHP
Not sure what you were hoping to find. PHP is a server-side language. Maybe javascript is more what you’re looking for.
googles; english grammar
You’ve come to the right place.
b2evolution htaccess
Lured in by my fun with LAMPs no doubt.
imaskari, dnd campaign
Ok, ok, another DnD post is coming, I promise. So far, this new campaign is already going better than the last. I chalk it up more to my excellent playing than my crappy DMing. ;) In all seriousness, Fried is doing a great job as a DM, we have some new blood in the party, and we’re sticking closer to the rules than before. 3.5e rocks.

Ah, referrers. Recently, I’ve gotten a bunch of spam at my site. I had to ban all of the “.info” domains, simply because I was getting 3-4 auto-comments and fake referrer hits from “your-hot-single-mom.info” and “super-low-price-phexamenadine.info” and whatnot. So, if you have a .info domain, don’t expect to show up in my comments or referrers.

As before, about 50% of my search traffic comes from Google, no surprise there. MSIE 6.0 still has a commanding share of the browser market, though Mozilla and Firefox seem to be increasing.

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