Stopping Malware from running out of %windir%\temp

My work computer has been infected with some kind of adware that runs out of the C:\Windows\Temp directory. It puts a .exe file in there with some weird random filename like DF4ASX.exe. You can’t delete the file, because it’s running. As soon as you terminate the process, it disappears. Every time you log in, it starts up again.

I created a batch file and put it in the startup directory, to combat this occurrence. Type these two lines into a text editor, and save it as a .bat file in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

@FOR /F "delims=. usebackq tokens=1,2*" %%i in (`dir /B "%windir%\temp\*"`) do @taskkill /IM %%i.%%j
@FOR /F "delims=. usebackq tokens=1,2*" %%i in (`dir /B "%windir%\temp\*"`) do @echo Y | del "%windir%\Temp\%%i.%%j"

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