Catholic Mystery Meat

David F

I don’t quite know how to feel about this one….

on one hand, what they’re doing is deceitful and wrong… on the other hand, the only people
suffering are Roman Catholics….

Isaac Z. Schlueter

One more reason why religion is bad, as if you needed any more: Mystery Meat Navigation

David F

awww…. but it does look pretty….

Isaac Z. Schlueter

true that

it could be worse…

but why mystery meat? that’s never necessary or beneficial

David F

i know. I agree with the WPTS people… it is annoying.

interesting dates on that picture of the Pope…. 1978-2005… apparently the pope was only
27 when he died.

Isaac Z. Schlueter

ahh… that’s the year that POPE john paul II was “born”, not the actual human

(Note the scare quotes)

David F


click on the dates 1978-2005…

the picture loads, and a Javascript pop up occurs every time you mouse over one of the

Isaac Z. Schlueter

mouse over 1979

it’s aweful

every time the mouse moves, the pic goes away, and then jumps back

epilepsy, here i come

David F

those pop ups don’t happen when you’re in IE… which probably isn’t a problem since most
sheep… i mean Roman Catholics use IE.

Isaac Z. Schlueter


oh, god, ie-only behavior

omfg, it’s SOOOO bad in moz’

and, like, there’s plenty of ways to do that in a non-browser-specific way

David F

btw, i really like that skin.

Isaac Z. Schlueter

the black/blue/orange/green one?

it turned into too much of a javascript nightmare, and had to be put down

kinda like it, too, tho

what do you like about it?

David F

the color scheme and the font.

Isaac Z. Schlueter


i could whip up a liquid variant with the same color scheme

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