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Automatic b2evo Antispam Updates with Cron

In my previous go at this concept, I had automated the updates with a client-side script that opened up Internet Explorer to the URL to get the antispam update.
However, as all you Windows users probably know, the scheduled task feature in XP isn’t all that reliable. Plus, it just seemed utterly klugey to me.
I [...]

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Catholic Mystery Meat

David F

I don’t quite know how to feel about this one….
on one hand, what they’re doing is deceitful and wrong… on the other hand, the only people
suffering are Roman Catholics….

Isaac Z. Schlueter

One more reason why religion is bad, as if you needed any more: Mystery Meat Navigation

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Responsible Spamming

I found a spammer who uses the power of blogs in a way that doesn’t harm other sites. Sure, it’s still a disgusting abuse of google-bombing, and it exploits and disrupts the entire concept of an information web that is accessible by machines and humans, but at least it doesn’t flood my site with [...]

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