Responsible Spamming

I found a spammer who uses the power of blogs in a way that doesn’t harm other sites. Sure, it’s still a disgusting abuse of google-bombing, and it exploits and disrupts the entire concept of an information web that is accessible by machines and humans, but at least it doesn’t flood my site with referrer hits to “” and whatnot.

I was cleaning out my referrer spam today, right after the gf and I cleaned up the apartment (it’s a little sad, but I clean out my website’s referrer spam a lot more often than I clean almost anything else) when I came across this:

Referrer hit from

Just by the look of it, this referrer looked bogus. Most .info domains are spammers in my experience, and “anxiety-help” is just so suspicious. But, I as I mouseovered the link, I noticed that it was to a “/blog/index.php?blog=4″.

Since a link to my site shows up in the default installation of b2evo, I do get a lot of pseudo-bogus hits from new blogs that just got set up, and I don’t delete those. (After all, a valid referrer hit DID most likely come from that site, even if they eventually delete the link.) So, I checked it out, and it looked like someone set up a b2evo blog and spammed the hell out of it!

Every post is something like Find Help for your Severe Pain or Campers, RVs, Trailers at 90% below book value.

I think this is exactly what would-be blog spammers should do. Don’t flood MY site with links to your crap, but set up your OWN site(s) and create hundreds of links if you’d like.

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