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Putting Links in New Windows, part II

I got an interesting comment from Scott of regarding my Putting Links in New Windows article.
Is there a way to insert a link so as to uniquely control the position/size of the ‘newwin’ popUp window?
Currently, no. However, if you make a few changes, then it’s very doable. If you haven’t already, read [...]

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New Clean Category Links

I just finished a new hack to b2evolution to have super-clean category links like
/category/tips_and_tricks instead of /blog?cat=103.
If you use b2evolution, and you want to know how to do this, read on.
If you don’t, then this post has nothing for you. Look and admire the awesome might of my clean category links and the geekery [...]

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Every site is unique…

Every Web site is unique and must meet the specific business goals determined by your company. We make an assessment of your business needs, goals and objectives before we write our proposal so the site we deliver will fully meet your expectations.
Apparently, not EVERY site is unique. IMO, if you say it, live it. [...]

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