With a name like “Balut,” it’s GOTTA be good!

Guess what Fried choked down to the delight of all after the company meeting?

Balut - a fermented fertilized duck egg.  What could be better?

There's Fried, choking it down.

Afterwards, sucking the bits of fetal duck from his teeth.

Can you believe people eat this stuff? It smelled like a gym locker, and that wasn’t even the least appetizing part of it.

I had cake instead.
mmm... chocolate cake.

2 Responses to “With a name like “Balut,” it’s GOTTA be good!”

  1. On June 24th, 2005 at 16:38:37, MJ Said:

    This was HYSTERICAL!! Chris and I were sitting over here laughing our asses off. You are so creative and talented…and detail-oriented…..love the extra commentary over the pictures and underscored words!

    Thanks for the great laugh!

  2. On June 30th, 2005 at 14:09:43, Craig Said:

    “Cake or death?” comes to mind. Fried chose poorly.


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