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SSH and WinCVS with Projects

I’ve been a member of the b2evo team for a long time now, but until today, I’ve never actually checked anything into the codebase.
There are a lot of SSH and CVS tutorials on the web, and in fact, there are many on However, I have yet to see one that’s simple, easy, and [...]

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b2evolution Antispam Recheck Cronjob

By popular demand, I’ll tell you all how I managed to get my server to recheck all my not-yet-rechecked spam keywords.
Before you go any further, you’ll have to do EdB’s antispam recheck hacks, since we’ll be making use of those.
Read on for the how-to.

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With a name like “Balut,” it’s GOTTA be good!

Guess what Fried choked down to the delight of all after the company meeting?

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