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Referer Spam Blocker for b2evolution

Yet another accomplishment in my ongoing quest to combat referrer spam.
This script automatically updates your .htaccess file to block hits from any referer in your blacklist.
I saved this script in my admin folder, and set up a cronjob to run it every 4 hours, along with my antispam update script and recheck script.

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Washington Mutual

A recent snafu has our finances tied up. I’ll have to wait for the dust to settle, and then I might post all the gory details (which, depending on where the dust settles, might have to be kept private.)
Responsible businesses don’t treat their customers like criminals.
And they don’t steal money from them, either.

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Test Pages

Every once in a while in my web creation activities, I come across a situation where something doesn’t work the way that I think it should, or where I need to figure out how to do something. In those cases, like a painter who does a study of a certain situation that applies to [...]

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