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I got a cat recently. She’s 10 weeks old and the cutest thing ever.
All the pics are at /images/sage/, or you can view them by going to the pages of this post.

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IBM to build first computer model of brain

LONDON - International Business Machines Corp is linking with a team of Swiss scientists to create the world’s first accurate, computer-based model of the brain, the U.S. company said on Monday.
codename: Skynet.
Anyone named Sarah or John Connor should beware.

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Detecting Flash with JavaScript

I made a script to detect Flash support.
It creates an object type called “FlashSwapper”, which can be used to detect the flash plugin, and also swap out an element (referenced by an ID attribute) on your page with a flash movie.
That way, you can have a DIV with some pretty content and a picture in [...]

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