Test Pages

Every once in a while in my web creation activities, I come across a situation where something doesn’t work the way that I think it should, or where I need to figure out how to do something. In those cases, like a painter who does a study of a certain situation that applies to his work, I usually find it’s helpful to create a stand-alone test that allows me to focus on the issue at hand, without all the trappings of context.

Some of these pages are utterly useless. Others show how to do some pretty neat stuff. Many of them don’t work at all, because they were abandoned halfway, or only work in one browser because that’s all that mattered at the time.

If this was 1994 and I was an aoler n00b, I’d put little hardhat pictures all over the place. The message is the same: enter at your own risk, and don’t bother telling me if something in this area doesn’t work. It doesn’t have to - that may have been the point. Also, there’s no index, since I add things to the folder all the time, and it only makes sense to just let Apache tell you what’s in there.

Some of the hilights as of today:

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