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It’s live!
After many long months filled to the brim with work, DSI’s new help file is live and open for business.
There were a few clients who couldn’t get in at first, but for the most part, things are working very very well.
I couldn’t be happier.
Note: If you’re not an elligence client with a [...]

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EdB (wonderwinds)

EdB has published a ton of hacks and mods for b2evolution, as well as providing help in the forums. I’m actually using a few of his antispam mods (which I’ve also added to, myself.)
Since I’m not into hang gliding, that’s about all his site has to offer me. But he’s got lots of [...]

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dAniel hAhler

dAniel hAhler is one of the most prolific b2evolution programmers, along with Francois Planque. A lot of the new features in the 0.9.2 (or whatever it ends up being numbered) version of b2evolution will be due to his work. I believe he’s working for NexisLexis in Germany these days.
In case you don’t read [...]

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