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Just a note to all the wannabe-SEO specialists out there: Don’t email me. I won’t engage in any sort of link exchange.

If you have a valid website, that has actual content, and useful information, and you think that we could benefit from linking to one another, then let me know. But if you found my site in a web search for some super-vague word like “the” or “google”, then don’t bother — you’re a link slut.

Here’s a piece of garbage I got from one such spammer.


Thank you for linking to my site.

However, I find sites like yours morally and aesthetically objectionable. You have absolutely no useful text on your site, and a list of links a mile long with no organization and no reason for having them all together. It is clear that you simply added all of the pages that you could find from a very vague web search (”googles”).

So-called “SEO” sites like yours are the mildew that collects in the unwashed parts of the internet. I know of no greater offense that you could send me than to say that our sites have “similiar themes.” This is simply not true. Your site is a childish attempt at a shortcut to generate click-through revenue without generating content. It is only slightly less offensive than Kenyan Banking or eBay phishing spam. My site is full of several years’ worth of content - it goes unloved at times, but I do provide useful thoughts that are not duplicated a billion times already. My site is personal and relevant–yours came out of a gumball machine.

Furthermore, your site does not have “quality content”. A quick search on shows that nearly ALL of your content is re-published material that first appeared elsewhere. Do you *really* think that there are lots of people out there who actually read all that your site has to say, and follow your links, and think, “Gee, I’m going to bookmark that.” I doubt it.

By creating and publishing a site like goldpromotion dot com:

  1. You degrade the quality that Google can derive from links.
  2. You short-circuit the semantic integrity of the web.
  3. You give the SEO profession a bad name.
  4. You make me sick.

I will NEVER publish a hyperlink to your site.
However, I will rant about your site, and endeavor to alert my readers about why link-exchanges like this are so very very wrong.

I hope that someday you get a real job and stop being just another annoying putz who makes it harder for actual developers to do theirs. With the effort and time and developement that went into your site, you could have added a great deal of value to the world. As it is, you have only added electronic litter.

Go to hell.

Most Respectfully,
Isaac Z. Schlueter.

—-Original Message Follows—-
From: Webmaster <webmaster (you know what goes here)>
Reply-To: webmaster (you know what goes here)
To: isaacschlueter (you know what goes here)
Subject: Link exchange request
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 06:58:56 -0400

I have found your website by searching Yahoo for “googles”. I think our websites has a similar theme, so I have already added your link to my website.

You can find your link here:
http:// www. goldpromotion. com/ news/ googles.html

Your link:
Your link title: Schlueterica » Googles

I would like you to add our link to your website too.
Our link: http:// www .goldpromotion. com/ news/ googles.html
Our link title: Promotion - Googles
Description: Information how to promote a website, search engine optimization technique and resources

You can approve and modify your listing anytime by clicking link below:
http:// www. goldpromotion. com/approve. php?key=a5214b50d449
If you will not approve your listing in 10 days, link will be automatically removed.

Why it is important to exchange links?
- more links will increase your website popularity
- more links will increase your PageRank
- The more links you have - the more your website is important to search engines
- The more your website is important to search engines - the more visitors you get
- More visitors increase your sales and your website will become more popular

Why it is important to exchange links with us?
- Our website has similar theme like yours
- Our website gets more than 1000 visitors every day (your website may receive some free visitors from our website too)
- Our website has quality content
- Our website is hosted on dedicated IP
- Our website has a lot incoming links from other similar themed domains

I wish you the best with your project and believe this link exchange can be useful for our websites by seeking better search engine ranking. If you have any questions, do not hesitate, contact me.

Jeff P.

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