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Gold Promotion Email

Just a note to all the wannabe-SEO specialists out there: Don’t email me. I won’t engage in any sort of link exchange.

If you have a valid website, that has actual content, and useful information, and you think that we could benefit from linking to one another, then let me know. But if you found my site in a web search for some super-vague word like “the” or “google”, then don’t bother — you’re a link slut.

Here’s a piece of garbage I got from one such spammer.

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It’s Official

I went to Robbins Brothers yesterday, and picked up a ring.
Even though she already said yes, it was a pretty emotional encounter. It’s a lot more sparkley in real life, but here’s a pic:

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Mozilla Firefox Command-Line

I just updated to FireFox 1.0.6 from an extremely old installation. Ran into some weird conflicts with a few extensions that had apparently not been “all the way” removed, but the Mozilla command line arguments came in handy.

Also, How to Learn Computer Skills.

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