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I was extremely skeptical that 150 people would all fit in that back yard, and was prepared for a day of herding mammals into tight quarters under protest.

Actually, everything went extremely smoothly, and we all had a blast.

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Family Thoughts

My sister turns 25 today. That’s about the age that people stop and think Now it’s Serious.
My Mother is about half-way between NYC and LA on her way out here. She’s going to be staying, and has said goodbye to Washington Heights. The drawback is that I now have no one to [...]

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Code, Code, Code (and a birthday)

Happy birthday to David Fried, aka Replicant Kitty, who turns 25 today. w00t!

In other news, I’ve added some code pages recently, the most fun one being the new code download folder. Using a little mod_rewrite and mod_autoindex magic, and 2 super-simple php scripts, I have a nicely working code repository. You can read more about it at /plugins/i-made/code-display-script.

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