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Sharing Statistics (and why it’s a really really dumb idea)

I checked my server logs lately, and found that I was getting a TON of hits to /blog?disp=stats and /index.php?disp=stats. I’m guessing most b2evo users probably are in the same boat with that, including former b2evolution users like myself.

Like all spam, referer-header spam only exists for one reason:

Spammers can make money doing it.

They spam your site to show up in the “My Top Referers” listing, which many bloggers make public. It’s a fun thing to share, but unfortunately, it’s also a honeypot of free links and search-engine ranking if they ping the hell out of your site.

Spammers are smart. They find blog applications that have this “hole” (i.e., free links for them if they spam you) and then they search for all the blogs using these systems, and send tons of fake hits with themselves as the referer header. I think that they find vulnerable sites by searching google for phrases like “Powered by b2evolution” and “MT Forged”. Then, they look for the stat-display page to both send their fake referer and see whether or not to keep your site on the list.

If you share your referers with the world, then You Will Get Referer Spam. I guarantee it. Just hiding them isn’t enough — you need to lock them up and explain in very simple machine-interpretable terms that they are gone, and will never be back.

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New (old) Design

The Fiancée was out of town last night, so since I had no one to watch TV with, I created a new design for this site. It’s something that I’d wanted to do for a while now, since I’m not really one for using the “default design.” Don’t get me wrong, Kubrick is a great looking layout, it just looks like so many other sites out there that I was starting to feel like a clone.

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Hey, check out the newest addition to my code repository, an image gallery that’s soo coool. I’m using it now to manage my images, so I don’t have to make a new index.php file each time I put up a new pack of photos. Pretty soon all my “/media/” URIs will be redirecting [...]

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