Hey, check out the newest addition to my code repository, an image gallery that’s soo coool. I’m using it now to manage my images, so I don’t have to make a new index.php file each time I put up a new pack of photos. Pretty soon all my “/media/” URIs will be redirecting there, too.

It was a fun script to make, and it’s released under a Creative Commons license, so come and get it! It reads directories and makes thumbnails, and it’s got a way to pretty easily password-protect directories as well. The only somewhat annoying thing is that you need to chmod all your image folders 777 (666 or 770 works sometimes, too, depending on the server setup, so play around with it.)

(Note: the images on this site, particularly in my images folder are NOT released under a Creative Commons license, and ALL rights are reserved.)

If you use it and run into any bugs, leave a comment on the script homepage, and I’ll try to help you out.

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