I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff lately, and haven’t had a chance to post anything here.

I know that I’m way behind the rest of the world in saying this, but this is just horrible.

It’s eerily reminiscent of the sorts of things that happen in Atlas Shrugged — bureaucratic nonsense and over-spending on a scary over-powered organization that can’t get its $#!+ straight when everything goes to hell. There have been experts predicting this for decades, predicting exactly this result, and it was on its way, and everyone did nothing. Now, thanks in part to red tape, there are thousands dead and even more stranded, hungry, and suffering.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) should be dissolved and re-created from the ground up. They’ve done more harm than good — they were not prepared, they stood in the way of private citizens who volunteered to help, and they did nothing (that I can see) to make the situation any better.

The bodies are real. The suffering is real. And in this day and age, there is simply no reason why it should have been this bad, when intelligent people knew so long in advance what would happen, and repeatedly spoke up about the danger to the highest offices of our government. There is simply no excuse for the federal government’s slow and incompetent response.

My thoughts are, and have been, and will continue to be, with all those who’ve lost so so much in all of this.

The Gulf Coast will be rebuilt. New Orleans will be a city again. America’s people are too resilient to be destroyed by this.

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