Request for Help: Creating Email Addresses Programmatically

I am setting up a forum for the Schlueter family at I’d like to create an email address for each new user.

However, I’m finding myself at a loss for how to go about creating an email address programmatically (in a PHP script which will be an add-on component of the Mambo/Joomla CMS, to be precise.)

Anyone know how to create an email address programmatically on a Linux/Apache box? I would normally use CPanel to do this, but it would be a major pain to have to create an email address for each person, so I’d like them to be able to create/read/send without leaving the site.

(At worst, make them log into Horde, or somehow bypass the Horde login process once they’ve already logged into the site, or whatever.)

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  1. On September 13th, 2005 at 09:00:45, Isaac Said:

    I think that I might have found a solution. There’s a script called CpAccountCreator that can do just about everything that I need it to. Unfortunately, it seems as if it was coded with php 1.0 in mind - all short-tags (just <? instead of the full <?php), and references to $_POST variables by name, meaning that it won’t work out-of-the-box unless register_globals is turned on. Also, there’s lots of unnecessary double-quotes, resulting in unnecessary server parsing, with stuff like $variable = "$othervariable";

    But, the concept is there, and it’s a pretty smart implementation, creating a MySQL database, FTP account, Subdomain, and email account for each user that you register. It’ll take a bit of editing (basically a full rewrite) to clean up the code, and then some more work to make it into a plugin for Mambo/Joomla, but progress is being made!

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