Code Folder Upgrade

I just upgraded my download folder.

Last time, I created two scripts.

Now, they are joined into one.

Last time, all the viewable files were in a single directory.

Now, they are split into subdirectories.

It’s a good thing. :)


Not one to leave good enough alone, I tweaked it a bit more.

Now, it uses the Text_Highlighter PEAR package. Based on the file extension, it now supports multiple different file formats, so I can pretty-up my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well. PHP files will also have their special words automagically linked to the appropriate page on

Also, it uses CSS instead of nasty nasty font tags, and puts it all in a zebra-striped OL for line numbering and easier reading.

For added justice, any and all email addresses are stripped out of code files, so that kindly authors aren’t subjected to spam unnecessarily.

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