What’s Your IQ?

Last week, I stumbled across a catchy meme at Mt. Dew Virus, and got sucked in.

I’m a fan of taking IQ tests, cuz thay makes me feal smrat. ;) I’ve always been really good at standardized tests, and usually rock and sock them out of the park.

I got a 135 on the test, with is apparently quite good (top percentile group in all categories.) I then created a temporary email address, and signed up for some spam to get the free analysis. I saved it at http://isaacschlueter.com/iq/ for your viewing pleasure. (I stripped out all the scripts and flash and then tidied up the HTML.)

I only got 5 questions wrong out of 40. 1 was an actual mistake, 2 were just careless errors from going quickly (arithmetic mistakes), 1 was because I didn’t want to take the time to figure it out and just guessed instead, and 1 (#33) I would argue is actually every bit as correct as the “correct” answer. (But I guess I don’t care much, seeing as how online IQ tests are anything but scientific.)

If you decide to take the test, I’d recommend setting an email address for that specific purpose. I don’t think that Tickle itself is a spammer, but they did try quite emphatically to have me sign up for all sorts of “Free Offers in your Inbox!” crap. It would suck to check the wrong box by accident and be innundated with mortgage rates offers and whatnot.

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  1. On October 6th, 2005 at 00:23:09, Breanna Said:

    BTW BABE!!
    Congratulations, Breanna!
    Your IQ score is 136

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