elligence.net Reloaded

No small amount of autocongratulatory back-patting here. ;)

My second major public project as the Knowledge Manager for Data Strategies has reached fruition, as of last night around 8:00 PM PST.

The new face of elligence.net is a huge improvement over the old site. It’s being driven by the same engine that powers ellipedia, and is all cast in semantic XHTML, cross-browser compatible CSS, and a sprinkling of the finest JavaScript. (As an aside, and with all due modesty, I believe that it’s a testament to a good design when a single application can be put to many different uses. WordPress is a good example, as is the internet itself.)

I feel that the new design does quite a bit to make DSI seem like a much more professional, up-to-date, and personal company. The testimonials (usually visible in the sidebar) add credibility and professionalism. It also showcases the advantages of our software much better than the previous version, and even the product tour has been re-cast in semantic XHTML. Even more importantly, with a new content-creation tool, it’s easier than ever to add and modify the content, which will lead to more frequent updates and a better sense of “newness” throughout.

There’s still a good bit of stuff to do with it, some content that has to be written, pictures to be placed and taken, and so on, but the impressive thing is that, not only is it a huge step in the right direction, it was completed for the projected November 1st deadline.

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