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New Job at Yahoo!

I got a new job with one of the biggest and most recognized internet companies ever, Yahoo!
January 3rd is my first day. On 2005-12-16, we turn in our keys and move up from San Diego to Santa Monica. (It’d be nice if we have an apartment by then. Anyone have any leads? [...]

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Procrastination, Productivity, and 43 Folders

43 Folders - Merlin Mann on Productivity

Today’s tip for all you intellectual types who work in this industry: Make 43 Folders part of your daily reading.
You won’t regret it.

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No small amount of autocongratulatory back-patting here.
My second major public project as the Knowledge Manager for Data Strategies has reached fruition, as of last night around 8:00 PM PST.
The new face of is a huge improvement over the old site. It’s being driven by the same engine that powers ellipedia, and [...]

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