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They Found Me!

Well, it was a nice little honeymoon, but the comment spammers finally got to me.
I’ve been using WordPress’s out-of-the-box comment moderation utils, which are actually quite nice. Basically, in order to comment, you have to log in. User comments are still moderated unless they have a previously approved comment. Trackbacks/Pingbacks are also [...]

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Rocket Racing

This is just so damn cool.
MSNBC reports that Peter Diamandis, the man behind the Ansari X Prize, has teamed up with NASCAR backer Granger Whitelaw to put together exactly what you’d expect them to:
The X Prize Cup.
It’s bringing 21st-century racing into people’s personal living rooms. … It’s really the mix of NASCAR excitement and spaceflight.
I’m [...]

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What’s Your IQ?

Last week, I stumbled across a catchy meme at Mt. Dew Virus, and got sucked in.
I’m a fan of taking IQ tests, cuz thay makes me feal smrat. I’ve always been really good at standardized tests, and usually rock and sock them out of the park.
I got a 135 on the test, with [...]

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