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Earlier this month, I wrote about an attack on my website that resulted in me losing my entire WordPress database. There weren’t any backups except the one that is sitting on my desktop computer currently in storage.

And yet, you’re now looking at a site that has posts going back to 2003. What happened?

A few months ago, I was offered a deal I couldn’t refuse. Put a link on my signature on, and get a free reseller hosting package. Plus, this new host has a few features that my former host didn’t support.

However, I was in the middle of building and launching my employer’s new website, getting hired at Yahoo!, and then moving, starting a new job, and a million other things in between. In the midst of all that, I had managed to install a few things, just to make sure that the new site worked, but never finished the job. Since I never finished it, I never really thought about it, knowing that there was still at least a day or so of work to finish moving Schlueterica over to its new home.

What I had forgotten was that the “little bit” that I had already installed included all my blog posts up through November! I checked it yesterday, and found that yes, I indeed did have everything there. So, after a few hours to transfer over all my mail and other miscellaneous web files that weren’t connected to WordPress, I reset my nameservers. This morning, through the magic of DNS, is alive and well yet again.

I made use of the caches maintained by Google, Yahoo, and MSN to get the remaining posts. The WayBack Machine couldn’t help me, because it apparently hasn’t seen my site since 2005. MSN’s cache proved the most useful, as Google and Yahoo were both sharp enough to know that my site had fallen apart and remove the posts that didn’t show up. A few posts didn’t make it, and one of them was sadly reduced to just the excerpt. I think I have that post on the backup sitting in storage, so it may not be completely gone.

Now I backup every place I go. My new motto is that if I spend more than 30 minutes on a computer someplace, I ought to have a backup of my website there.

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  1. On January 25th, 2006 at 10:57:59, Schlueterica Said:

    Incompetence in Hacker’s Clothing

    First, there was the “attack”. All my Wordpress and Horde data was lost — but my Horde email messages were preserved. Since the other Horde data (I am told) is stored in a database, while the messages are stored in files, it made …

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