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HyperText Transfer Protocol Brand Lumber

I saw this at our apartment in San Diego a few days before we moved out.
Taken with my LG7000 phone.

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Why Hotlinking Sucks

I just moved my site over to a new host. In doing so, I somehow broke my hotlink prevention .htaccess rules.
In 4 days, I blasted through 1.5GB of bandwidth. For some sites, that’s not a lot, but for me, it overloaded what this site is set to do. The biggest drain?
Fμ©k1n9 MySpace.

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Incompetence in Hacker’s Clothing

First, there was the “attack”. All my Wordpress and Horde data was lost — but my Horde email messages were preserved. Since the other Horde data (I am told) is stored in a database, while the messages are stored in files, it made some sense to me that this was a strictly sql-based [...]

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