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Getting back my posts

Earlier this month, I wrote about an attack on my website that resulted in me losing my entire WordPress database. There weren’t any backups except the one that is sitting on my desktop computer currently in storage.
And yet, you’re now looking at a site that has posts going back to 2003. What happened?
A [...]

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Weird Requests

Ever since I’ve started at Yahoo!, I’ve noticed a really odd phenomenon.
Any time that I tell someone that I work in Yahoo! Games, they always feel the need to bring up whatever grievance/suggestion/complaint about some other utterly unrelated Yahoo! property that they interact with.

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Security Flaw Exploited on Schlueterica

I’m not sure what plugin or script it was, but someone managed to run a successful SQL injection attack on my site, and dropped all my WordPress tables.
To make matters worse, due to my move, the only backups that I have are sitting on my computer which is sitting in a storage shed somewhere between [...]

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