Vending Machines at Work

I just ate a Snickers bar that I got from a vending machine by pushing the letter and the number to call it out. But, unlike a regular vending machine, I didn’t put any money in it.

Wanna know why Yahoo! rocks so much? Because they treat their users like gods, and their employees like royalty. Better work from the employees, yielding more users who spend more time on the site, which makes their advertising ever more valuable.

The studious will note that the candy wasn’t actually free, per se, it’s just that Yahoo! paid for it instead of me. And what a great investment that is! I’ll maybe eat about $5 worth of stuff per week, but there’s no telling how much more productive I’ll be for a company that is nice enough to give me candy. (And bottled water, and coffee, and bagels, and lots of other stuff. Yahoo is way generous, but then again, that shouldn’t be a surprise.)

A message to all employers out there: Small benefits for your employees send the message that you value their happiness, and that can yield big rewards in their output.

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