New Apartment in Los Angeles

Hooray! We just signed the lease last night.

My lovely fiancée did all the leg-work on this one while I was driving an hour or more each way every day to work. I added thoughts and opinions, of course, but she really gets all the credit for the hard work.

Our new neighborhood is very nice. It’s just north of Culver City, spitting distance south of the 10 and just a bit east of the 405. That puts me about 4.7 miles from work, so I could easily start riding a bike again.

The place has hardwood floors, brand spanking new appliances, a balcony with a nice view of the sidewalk, and it’s a pretty decent size. The landlords seem nice, and we have 2 parking spots. Also important, it’s right in the juicy center of our price range.

I had really thought that we’d have to compromise on something. It turns out I was wrong :)

Once we get our stuff delivered next week, I won’t have to drive through the mountain pass to get to work every morning. I’m so happy!

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