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Dreamweaver Pasting Error

I ran a strange error message today.
While executing onLoad in PasteFireworksHTML.htm, a JavaScript error occurred.
I’m not sure what caused it, but I did recently add and remove some programs. I searched the web, and found that many people have encountered this error, but few seem to have solved it very well. [...]

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Bear Eats Monkey

Best news story EVER.
Stephen Colbert is right - Bears can’t be trusted. You think you’ve got them locked up safe, and the next thing you know, they eat your monkey.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Bears killed and ate a monkey in a Dutch zoo in front of horrified visitors, witnesses and the zoo said Monday. In [...]

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I Dream of Bandwidth

If you’ve been to this site recently, you saw a big fat 509 error.
Apparently my number of hits per day had spiked around the middle of April. To make matters worse, I had inadvertently disabled the rules that I had in place that deny hotlinking from MySpace. It didn’t take long before my [...]

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