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Every good Javascripter needs to Lisp a little

Today I found this very good discussion of the Lisp programming language. Everyone who writes, or aims to write, any fair amount of Javascript ought to learn at least the basics of Lisp. One could say that Lisp’s syntax is perhaps too simplified (the parentheses make me crazy) but the conceptual lessons to [...]

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Killing Addictions

I went through a pack of patches earlier this month. The grossness of them really got to me.
I can’t take stuff stuck to my skin. It’s in the same category as jewelery. If my wedding ring didn’t have such sentimental meaning, it wouldn’t have stayed on my finger through the first day. [...]

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New LastFM Player

LastFM, the social-tagging-music-finding-discussing-listening site, just released a new version of their player.
If you don’t know what LastFM is, you should check it out. Create an account, download the player, and get started. It’s free, and worth so much more than free. Tell it an artist you like, and it’ll put together [...]

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