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Top 10 12 Reasons why Javascript is Better than PHP

Functions that return objects can be treated like objects. document.getElementsByTagName(’ul’)[0].innerHMTL works the same as var ul=document.getElementsByTagName(’ul’); ul=ul[0]; ul.innerHTML;. But, for some silly reason, $xml->xpath(’//ul’)[0]->asXml() throws a bunch of errors.
Dots are prettier than arrows.
It runs on someone else’s machine.
It has a lisp. (All Hail the Mighty λ!)
Only functions cause scope. (Oh, the [...]

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Anyone looking for a job?

Despite the huge notice on my resume that I’m not looking for a job, I keep getting recruiters calling me and asking if I am interested in a job with their company. I guess the economy must be picking up, or something. What’s even stranger, it seems that a lot of them are [...]

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Javascript Pseudo-global “Private” variables

Once upon a time, it was thought that Javascript didn’t have private or protected member class variables and methods. Crockford showed us that this was false.
Globals are generally frowned upon, with very good reason. They open the door for conflicts and unpredictable behavior when you’re using scripts from different places. There are enough [...]

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