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There’s a new Firebug in town!

If you’re enough of a geek to be reading my blog, then you ought to Get the new improved Firebug 1.0 right now!
It has a lot of new features. As always, so so so much more and better than I ever could have asked for.
Thank you, Joe Hewitt!

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asynchBatch Javascript Function

A while ago, I wrote about using setTimeout with a 0 timeout in order to asynchronously perform certain actions, so that the browser’s UI thread will be returned while your fat init function runs in the background.
However, in using this technique, I’ve run into some situations where even this is not enough. If your [...]

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Memory Leaks in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Memory Leaks.
What are they? How do they happen? What can be done about them?
This is a great question, and a topic that has a lot of mysticism surrounding it. Like most Javascript issues, there’s been a lot of very bad “authoritative” suggestions.
If you are a webdev interviewing at Yahoo!, and I’m in [...]

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