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Happy Darwin Day!

Happy birthday Chuck!
Take a moment to be thankful for Charles Darwin, author of The Origin of Species, and the father of the theory of evolution.
(That other figure also born this day in 1809, great trampler of individual rights, who frequently gets credit for abolishing slavery despite the fact that he actually did no such thing, [...]

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Zahn and CNN Demonstrate Discrimination Against Atheists

I’ve been a bit remiss in taking so long to mention this bit of bigotry (vid 1 and vid 2) that CNN aired last week. My blog is not really about this topic any more, so if you’re here for the javascript goodies, you may want to skip this one.
Behind the jump is the [...]

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Any good Flash-For-Javascripters Tutorials?

So, I’m beginning to learn Adobe Flash as a tool for front-end development. It’s a bit obscene that I’ve gone this long without diving into it in earnest, but I’ve been busy with CSS and Javascript.
Here’s the problem that I’m having. The language (Actionscript) is very simple for a Javascripter to pick up, [...]

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