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I need these books

If you like this site, and you want to help out the cause, how about throwing down and buying me one of these? If you are a programmer of any sort, it may be a good idea to get them for yourself, too.
(Couldn’t hurt to ask, neh?)

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Mounting a BSD home directory on a Mac OS X machine

I just got this working pretty smoothly today, after a bit of struggling. Since I use a Macintosh laptop, but my development machine is a FreeBSD box (the better to match our servers,) I have basically three options:

Use vi on my BSD machine.
Use SCP or SFTP to transfer the files, edit them locally, and [...]

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Isaac == Mac User

Once upon a time, I was the worst kind of Microsoft apologist. Like a battered spouse, I kept coming back for more. After working for a few years building and supporting software on a Windows platform, I learned just how deeply flawed the products that come out of Redmond are. But it [...]

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