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Marius Asks,

Could I ask how did you managed to have a side blogroll without descriptions along with so nice (static) links page?

Sure, MG. It’s actually easier than it looks.

1. Use b2evolution. If you don’t, then this how-to will make no sense.

2. Pick one blog to use as your linkblog. Set it as the linkblog for each of your blogs in the backoffice “Blogs” tab.

3. Open up the $blogurl/skins/_blogroll.php file in a text editor. (Or $blogurl/skins/_linkblog.php. They’re essentially the same file. If you have both, do it in both files, just to be sure.)

4. Find this bit:$Item->content( 1, 0, T_('more'), '[', ']‘ ); // Description + more link

5. Kill it to shreds with the delete key.
(Alternatively, you can be a peace-loving hippie and just /* comment it out */.)

6. Repeat in any files that may show the linkblog. (Some skins customize this quite a bit, like this one, for instance.)

7. Find this line in the _linkblog.php and/or _blogroll.php file in the skins directory, and in each skin:if(!isset($linkblog_limit)) $linkblog_limit = 20;Change “20″ to some big number.

8. Post lots of stuff to your blogroll, and include a little description for each one.

And BAM!, just like that, you’ve got a side blogroll without descriptions along with so nice (static) links page!

3 Responses to “A Nice Linkblog”

  1. On June 10th, 2004 at 23:22:38, Graham Said:

    Maybe this should be added to the wiki?

  2. On June 11th, 2004 at 00:18:37, Marius Gricius Said:

    What can I say… Wow! ;) I’ll print it out and install ASAP.
    By the way, Graham is absolutelly right.

  3. On August 12th, 2004 at 11:30:17, Michel Said:

    Muchas gracias! Sus instrucciones me han servido muy bien para resolver un problema que me preocupaba bastante.

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