Warning: outdated content.

What you're looking at is very outdated. It is my first gropings at understanding this new thing called CSS and PHP and blogging. As a result, it generally does not represent the level of sophistication that I typically hold myself to these days. I'm in the process of moving over the articles and whatnot that are in this area, but I'll probably leave the early blog posts in this format so that they are preserved for posterity.

If something is broken here, don't bother reporting it. I most likely won't fix it.


b2evolution blog

Eventually, the b2 blog will be moved here, and this will be moved out, but as you can see, I haven't done that yet. I'm gonna also put a slightly less generic skin on it, and marking it as a non-demo blog.
b2evolution blog


Objectivist Theatre

I've been spending all my online time working on this site. Right now, I'm going to make a blog in b2evo on this domain to chronicle the exciting tale of the creation of the site. it'll be at http://isaacschlueter.com/b2evolution/blogs/index.php. Once the "Randian" skin is fully operational, I'll also be publishing that there.

Chances are, I won't be using blogger much longer. Hope you're not to keen on updates to this thing. I am going to be keeping it around in an archive state.


Wow, it's been a while

My work time is taking way too much away from my blogging time.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the skin-building down this weekend, and have the OTC site and this one up in b2evolution very soon.


T33n G1rl Squ4dx0rx!!

T33n G1rl Squ4dx0rx!!

Funny as hell.


One of those days...

It's Friday.

It's 16:53.

It's one of those days, one of those moments, when my primary thought is: 7 more minutes. If I can last 7 more minutes, I'll be good.

Make that 6.

Ayn Rand Theatre Website

I'm using b2evolution to design a site for my sister's theatre company. Probably going to get a domain and point it at my schlisa site, something like "aynrandtheatre.com."

I'm also going to be converting this site over to b2evolution, as it is a much nicer blogging app than blogger. Also got plenty of other stuff to do this weekend. I'm trying to think of an easy way to suck my blogger posts into the b2evo database. Maybe I could change the template to have a bunch of tags, and then write a php app to interpret that and enter the posts appropriately. Or, I could just go through each one and copy and paste them into b2evolution, changing the dates appropriately. I'm not sure which would be less work. Surely the script way would be more fun, and then I could also share the wealth (and charge for it.)


php, sql, vb, rsx, and other assorted acronyms

Been too busy to blog much recently. Here's the recent updates:

I didn't get the RSX - yet. But that's not such a bad thing. On the plus side, I know exactly the car that I want. On the negative side, that means that I'm not too interested in settling for anything else. I went 18 months without a car, another couple won't kill me. I just have to save some money for a bigger down payment, and it'll be mine. They sold the one that I was looking at, and oh, it was such a sweet machine, but my ever-rational father did point out that I can probably find a cheaper version of the same thing for a lower price. I went over my rules of acquisition again, and noticed that this is a great application of #3 (never pay more for an acquisition than you have to,) #218 (always know what you're buying,) and a good oppertunity for me to be patient and remember rule #7 (keep your ears open.)

I also just installed php 4.3.3 to my computer, so now I can play around with php without having to upload everything just to see it. Of course, I make time for blogging before making time for learning php, so this is not very major news.

There's a report that I was going to write tonite, but I found that I'm missing some information that I'll need to put it together. Or maybe I'm just looking for any reason in the world to put it off until a better time. I'm not sure. I don't feel as frustrated as I probably should about having to put it off, so it's possible there's an ulterior motive hiding in me somewhere.

I got the envoy report reader to do its thang for the most part. That was a satisfying victory. Next is Noridian. Got a bunch of samples, and I found that they tell us the actual filename of the claim file in the report. I couldn't ask them to make it any easier. I'm hoping to get a chance to work on that this weekend, but I'll be in Arizona most of it.

So, basically, things are going pretty nicely. Every day is full of new things to learn and do. Plans are always changing, but the more they change, the more they stay the same. On top of that, I had a most delightful cup of coffee tonite. I do love french roast.



Maybe it just doesn't take that much to impress me, but I'm thoroughly impressed with this site.

I sent out some information requests yesterday at lunch, and within 24 hours, I've got 4 test-drives scheduled for tonite and tomorrow. The goal is to be driving on Monday. I'm very interested in the rsx, and I'm going to be taking a look at two of them, both used, both under 20g. Also, there's a guy named Phu that is going to try to sell me on an 99 integra sl tonite, and I'll be checking out a 99 BMW Z3 that was advertised for about 20g, and an RSX also.

In addition to a new (used) car, I'm gonna be finishing the envoy report reader, and holding a temp table tutoring session.
This should be a fun weekend.