Welcome to the WordPress b2evolution import utility. Before getting started, we need some information on your b2evolution database.

Below you should enter your b2evolution database connection details. If you're not sure about these, contact your host.

Database Name The name of the database you have b2evolution installed in. You should have already installed WordPress into this database.
User Name Your MySQL username
Password ...and MySQL password.
Database Host 99% chance you won't need to change this value.
Table Prefix Prefix for the database tables, "evo_" is default.
Blog to Import Do you want to import a single blog, or all blogs in the database? If you just want to import a single blog, then enter the blog ID (number) in this box - not the blog name! Enter multiple blog IDs as a comma-separated list, like "2, 3, 4", or "all" for all blogs.
Import blog names as top-level categories?
Import linkblog as "Links"?
If you're only importing one blog, and have a Linkblog associated with it, then checking "yes" will import your linkblog posts as "Links" in WordPress.
What should I do with posts that have a URL?

In b2evolution, you can post a URL with each post. In some skins, the post title links to the url you choose. WordPress doesn't support this, but it does support the use of "Meta" tags to attach additional info to posts. I can also put the URL in the post body, if you'd like.
Should I import posts marked "deprecated", or just abandon them?

WordPress doesn't support the "protected" or "deprecated" statuses. However, you CAN individually protect posts with a password, which is pretty sweet. Protected posts are going to be imported as "private", since that's the closest match. "Deprecated" is a bit weird though, so I need your help.

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