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"Isaac Z. Schlueter"

26 years old
United States

Last Login: 4/14/2006
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   Contacting Isaac

 MySpace URL:  

     Isaac's Details
Hometown:San Diego, CA
Body type:6' 0" / Slim / Slender
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Smoke / Drink:Yes / Yes
Education:College graduate

   Isaac's Schools
Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven,Connecticut
Graduated: N/A
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Major: Physics, Math, Computer Science

1997 to 2002
Branford High School
Graduated: 1997
Degree: High School Diploma

1993 to 1997

   Isaac's Networking
Technology - Internet -
I build our company's help file and am working on a new design for the website.

   Isaac's Companies
Data Strategies
San Diego, CA US
Knowledge Manager
Product Team

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   Isaac's Blurbs
About me:

This space exists just so that I can say that I have a MySpace acct, since I'm waiting for a bunch of stuff at work to save.

My website is at Visit me there.

If you want to send me an email, do it on my contact form. All email addresses are transient things, subject to be changed, redirected, or dropped at any time.
Only through mystery and illusion, shadow and obfuscation, can one be the master of one's inbox and attain true spam-freedom.

Who I'd like to meet:

   Isaac's Friend Space
Isaac has 23 friends.


 the amazing escapist 






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Isaac's Friends Comments
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4/13/2006 2:22 PM

i love you sooooooooooooo much and i miss you and i don't sleep well when your not next to me....stupid spring break with the family.

2/28/2006 10:31 PM

Jesus Isaac, how about you put up some pictures of you and your wife!

2/28/2006 3:47 PM

"wove...wove and marriage is what brings us together" haha i love you

2/27/2006 2:53 PM

freaking adorable

2/27/2006 2:42 PM


2/22/2006 12:34 PM


1/25/2006 2:27 PM

Your a bastard for playing that horrible blonde joke on me. and you knew it would get me because im blonde.....NO FAIR! i love you haha.

12/12/2005 8:24 PM


12/10/2005 12:34 PM

Hey, you should put the pictures from Halloween and snowboarding on your web page so that I can see them!

11/18/2005 7:11 PM

Isaac certainly is one of our students.

11/9/2005 1:09 PM

This thing's gay.

FrIeNdS vS. HoMiEs!!

Friend: calls your parents by mr. and mrs.
homie: calls your parents dad and mom.

Friend: has never seen you cry
homie: has always had the best shoulder to cry on

Friend: never asks for anything to eat or drink
homie: opens the fridge and makes himself at home

Friend: asks you to write down your number.
homie: they ask you for their number
(cuz they can't remember it)

Friend: borrows your stuff for a few days then gives it back.
homie: has a closet full of your stuff

Friend: only knows a few things about you
homie: could write a biography on your life story

Friend: will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing
homie: will always go with you

Friend: would delete this letter
homie: will send this back to me and all of their online buddies

Show your homie how much you care. Send this to everyone you consider a HOMIE, including the one who sent it to you.
the amazing escapist

10/23/2005 12:51 AM

This is the fashion police, Isaac. Come out with your hands up. And candy. Bring us candy.

10/7/2005 12:03 PM

isaac you are the coolest bre's fiance in the world :)

9/29/2005 12:28 AM

well your asleep right now but i wish your were awake because your much more fun! although you are so beautiful when you actually i want you awake and asleep at the same time is that possible?! i'm just being a dork...i love you

9/13/2005 11:16 AM

I just read Isaac's response to Katrina on:
I agree entirely about FEMA. That's generally the problem with any government funded "commity". It's a big blubbery body without a head that moves too god damn slow to be of any use. Americans acting out of their own insentive would NEVER allow an ocean to claim their land, especially not a city like New Orleans...Speaking of Americans' resilience, have you paid any attention to the plans for the new trade center? Its effing amazing!

9/13/2005 11:01 AM


9/7/2005 7:10 PM

I love you soooo much! You are my soul mate...I don't know what else to say I love you
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