New Resume

So, I’m still happy with my current employer, but since I was out of commission for a week on percoset from the surgery, I decided to wile away the hours building a snazzy new resume with a style switcher and a few funky themes. (Of course the info is all updated, too.)

Lemme know what you think! Terminal is my favorite :)

If you’re reading this, then I’m…

…having my face cut open.

Hopefully, I’m not feeling a thing, and won’t come out of my drug-induced stupor for the next few days.

I’ll see if I can get a copy of the panorex and post it here. It’s wild to see your face from the inside.

It Wasn’t as Easy as We Made It Look

I read this line once on a post-mortem review of a project that was handled by a very small team and accomplished big results.

It wasn’t as easy as we made it look.

It’s very important to make it look easy. It’s a morale booster for yourself and your teammates and dependents when you can say, “Piece of cake!” with a bit of swagger and a cocky smile. It’s just as important to communicate up the ladder that things are not always as easy as they seem.

Management likes to get the most out of workers that they can. That’s their job, and if they didn’t do it, then you’d never be your best. Thank them for pushing you. But, just the same, along with the swagger, make sure they know that the brilliant work you did was not as easy as you made it look; that it took a few late nights and stressful deadline-looming crunches.