I need these books

If you like this site, and you want to help out the cause, how about throwing down and buying me one of these? If you are a programmer of any sort, it may be a good idea to get them for yourself, too.

(Couldn’t hurt to ask, neh?)

Mounting a BSD home directory on a Mac OS X machine

I just got this working pretty smoothly today, after a bit of struggling. Since I use a Macintosh laptop, but my development machine is a FreeBSD box (the better to match our servers,) I have basically three options:

  1. Use vi on my BSD machine.
  2. Use SCP or SFTP to transfer the files, edit them locally, and then send them back to build and test.
  3. Map the home directory from the BSD box into the OSX environment, and then edit the files locally, and marvel at how everything “just works.”

1 is painful, 2 is slow, and 3 is magic. Is it really any choice at all?

(Note: If you do any of this, and it frazzles your machine, it’s your own damn fault. Proceed at your own risk. No guarantee expressed or implied, blah blah blah.)

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Isaac == Mac User

Once upon a time, I was the worst kind of Microsoft apologist. Like a battered spouse, I kept coming back for more. After working for a few years building and supporting software on a Windows platform, I learned just how deeply flawed the products that come out of Redmond are. But it was all I knew.

After working at Yahoo! for a few months, I got friendly with the FreeBSD operating system. My wife has a Macintosh laptop, and I found that I didn’t have any problem using it, and in fact, it was quite nice to be able to hop onto a terminal and do all the FreeBSD things that I liked. But, the world uses Microsoft, and as a web developer, I must be able to test in the software that our users use. So, I was stuck.

Then came the new breed of Macintosh computers that run OSX on an Intel processor, and the inevitable: Parallels. I was out of excuses.

But Yahoo! said that I wasn’t eligible to get a Macbook. Wrong org.

Then the great reorg of 2006Q4 struck, and that all changed. Processes were re-evaluated, hierarchies were rearranged.

Picture of me, taken by my Macbook Pro I made a business case in a ticket to IT. And now I type this on a Macbook Pro running OSX Tiger. It’s a wonderful thing.

(I still have to actually purchase Parallels, and IT won’t support it. But, my boss has told me that he’ll approve the request if I expense it, so that’s as good as getting it for free. I’m too proud to call on IT for support, anyhow.)