The New Hotness in Religion: “The Secret”

Get in on the New Hot Thing in Religious Bullshit!

Christianity? Islam? Hinduism?
Old hat! We need shiny new idols to pray to! How about a picture of a bike? Yeah, that’s reasonable…

It’s SO nice being an atheist! The books are more informative, the movies have better plots, and you’re much less likely to buy into pseudoscientific bullshit like “The Secret.”

Shame on Oprah for pushing this cult on her brain-dead legion! They might be mindless, but she should know better.

Though I’m blessed :P to be in a relatively nonreligious place, Los Angeles seems to be the veritable Holy Land for stupid “we’re all energy” new-age cults like this one. It’s no wonder that Scientology is so rampant in this place. The Secret is all over the place.

If you’ve taken even one physics class in your life, you should know that their claims of being “supported by science” is total BS. Like DOESN’T attract like! Electrons (with like charges) repel one another! Opposites attract, everyone knows that!

It’s just the same old MO that all religions follow. They tell you something that’s so mind-bogglingly obvious (”Positive thinking is good ones!”) that you think they can’t be *completely* full of it. And then they say that every great thinker in history supports them, so you think, “Wow, they must be really great!” Then they tell you that your wildest dreams will come true, if you only dream those dreams right, and to learn how to do that, you have to pay $$$ on movies and books and lectures. In the end, it’s a recipe for moralizing, victim-blaming, Holier-Than-Thou woo-woo mysticism. And it’s a waste of money.

Have you had any interaction with this new cult? What do you think of it?

Happy Darwin Day!

Happy birthday Chuck!

Take a moment to be thankful for Charles Darwin, author of The Origin of Species, and the father of the theory of evolution.

(That other figure also born this day in 1809, great trampler of individual rights, who frequently gets credit for abolishing slavery despite the fact that he actually did no such thing, hardly deserves mention.)

Zahn and CNN Demonstrate Discrimination Against Atheists

I’ve been a bit remiss in taking so long to mention this bit of bigotry (vid 1 and vid 2) that CNN aired last week. My blog is not really about this topic any more, so if you’re here for the javascript goodies, you may want to skip this one.

Behind the jump is the message that I sent to CNN. author Austin Cline summed up the atheist community’s feelings on the matter quite well in this article. I’ll be recording the CNN’s attempt at recovering their dignity (or at least watching it on YouTube.)

I heard that they were going to air it the other day, but Anna Nicole Smith had to go and die. (I wonder how many more hits my blog will get, now that it contains the words Anna Nicole Smith and die, dying, dead, or death. Did she overdose or maybe it was because of trimspa? Maybe I should just go all out and mention valtrex and mortgages and cialis? I feel so dirty…)

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