A job creating dynamic web applications using where I can expand my diverse skills with new projects.

I learn new concepts very quickly, and come up with innovative ways to put them to use. I can work with others, and communicate with clients, while both understanding the technical details and keeping an eye on the “Big Picture.”
Functional Summary
Extensive experience with:

* JavaScript/DOM scripting,
* AJAX Interfaces,
* ASP,
* PHP (from file-access to presentation layer),
* SQL (MySQL and MSSQL),
* CSS,
* CMS Design and Administration,
* Visual Basic/VBScript,
* elligence (Medical Practice Management System),
* Cross-browser coding/hacks,
* Cross-platform design,
* Object Oriented Design,
* Database Design/Normalization,
* Customer Service,
* Troubleshooting,
* Technical Writing and Content Creation

Familiarity with:

* Apache (mod_rewrite),
* IIS,
* Java,
* Localization/Internationalization,

Other applications:

* GNU Aspell;
* HTML Tidy;
* Microsoft Visual Studio 6;
* Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (C# and VB.NET);
* Windows NT, 2000, 98, 95, XP Professional, XP Home;
* Microsoft Office 97, 2000, and XP;
* UltraEdit;
* NuSphere PHPEd

Class work covering:

* C/C++,
* Digital Logic Networks,
* Calculus,
* Linear Algebra,
* Vector Calculus,
* Statistics,
* Electronics,
* Electricity and Magnetism,
* Quantum Mechanics,
* Special Relativity,
* Crystallography and Solid-State Device Physics

Demonstrated superior ability to easily integrate topics from multiple fields and apply theoretical knowledge, and a talent for explaining complicated concepts quickly and effectively to those who have little or no understanding of an issue.
Employment History
2004 - Present: Data Strategies, Inc., San Diego, CA
Knowledge Manager

* Created revolutionary new help system, ellipedia.
o ellipedia is a huge step forward in user-centered knowledge delivery, engineered to get clients the information that they need and reduce unnecessary calls to support while minimizing content-creation workload.
o Designed conceptual framework, back-end system, and content editor.
o Converted legacy helpfile content, and authored additional content.
o Created front-end ASP/XHTML/JavaScript/CSS portal to provide:
+ A pleasant and easy user experience.
+ Advanced navigation systems.
+ Integrated search capability.
* Designed and implemented systems to smooth out “problem areas” of the Data Strategies knowledge flow.
o Reporting engine to search call database and list bugs, features, and clarifications for each version, so that Support Techs can get a quick look at the “dirty laundry” in a particular version.
o Used Index Server and ASP front-end to provide better access to network resources.
o Designed and implemented a SQL Server solution to replace a growing number of RTF files that were difficult to maintain and getting more and more out of date. New solution prevents invalid data from being entered, updates help file content at the push of a button, and can be easily queried to provide worklists for programmers.
* Technical writing: system requirements and setup documentation, tutorials, troubleshooters, and general help file content.
* Analyze support calls and suggest changes in our product to reduce the number of problems that clients experience.
* Had a direct impact on DSI’s profitability and the quality of life for employees, resellers, and clients.

Employment History (continued)
2002 - 2004: Data Strategies, Inc., San Diego, CA
Senior Technical Support Representative

* Provided technical support to CompuMedic and elligence clients.
* Handled calls escalated beyond tier 1 support.
* Handled ongoing/emergency problems requiring advanced troubleshooting in mission-critical situations.
* Gathered client needs and delivered custom solutions.
* Product development using VB, HTML, and SQL.
* Demonstrated excellent technical and communication abilities, leading the way to a much more productive department.

1999 - 2002: Southern CT State University, New Haven, CT
University Assistant; Faculty Support

* Hardware/Software installation and troubleshooting for Academic Faculty
* People Skills absolutely necessary - Often technical ability is not enough
* Demonstrated great ability to set goals and work alone
* Coordinated with other technicians and Helpdesk staff using online call database

1998 - 1999: Southern CT State University, New Haven, CT
University Assistant; Lab Assistant

* Assisted students in University Computer Labs
* Was responsible for the maintenance and security of computer labs

Hobbies and Side Projects
2002 - Present: Schlueterica
Personal Website - - (About)

* Personal web log with topics ranging from current events to programming tips.
* Code Downloads Folder, Image Gallery, Test Folder, Advanced Error Handling, and more.
* Tableless layout, using valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS.

2005 - Present: WordPress
Plugins - Not For Profit

* WordPress is one of the most popular and extensible personal publishing systems available.
* Created several plugins to extend the WordPress functionality.
* Provided help in the support forums.
* I use WordPress to run my blog.

2004 - 2005: WebReports
Independent Project for Lien On Me, Inc. -

* Created system that allows the client’s customers to securely access their data online.
* Upload data in TXT or ZIP format, and import into a MySQL database.
* Designed application to meet business needs and wrote all the code.
* Provided web-hosting for application.

2003 - 2005: b2evolution
Support, Hacks, and Testing - Not for Profit

* b2evolution is a feature-rich CMS/blogware that uses PHP and MySQL.
* Provide technical support on the support forums.
* Create “evoSkins” - templates for the b2evolution application.
* Help to make sure that b2evolution works in all or most environments.

1997 - 2002, Southern CT State University, New Haven, CT
Bachelor of Science - Liberal Studies

* Interdisciplinary major: Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics
* The most important thing that I learned in school was how to learn new topics quickly. This skill has been far more useful for me than any of the topics that I actually studied.
* My thirst for intellectual stimulation drove me to get the most out of my education, and I still love learning new things.

Awards Received
Honorable Mention; COMAP Math Contest in Modeling (Problem A)…ts/2001Results.pdf
National Science Olympiad, Best in Class, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993
Available upon request.

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